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has had a lawn special. we will take a look and all aspects of the industry and how can work better for you. join us for that. that's it for tonight on "the willis report." have a great night. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. thank you for being with us. there appears to be a break in the obama administration is more than seven month-long effort to limit the public knowledge on what happened in the terrorist attack on our consulate in benghazi. an attack that resulted in the murders of u.s. ambassador christopher stephens, foreign service officer john smith, cia operatives glendora the entire ron woods. at least four state department and cia career employees have sought counsel from private attorneys to represent them in the face of white house threats to prevent them from divulging classified and permission to congress about the events in
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benghazi. the prospective whistle-blowers' appeared to have considerable knowledge of what did and di not happen during the nearly eight hours see on our consulate and the cia and acts. apparently the obama administration is concerned their views don't support the so-called official account of events. former justice department official and republican counsel to the house intelligence committee says the state department threats are a violation of law. representing the state department employees. she talklked with fox news earlr today. here is what she said. >> state department is violating the law. interfering with the federal employees' right to provide information to congress which should not ever be interfered with. here is the threat. it is now like prayer going to wag your head off. hell, if you talk i just don't think you're going to get that
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next promotion. you know what, you might just have to retire. lou: meanwhile, fox news has learned from an unnamed military special operator he watched the events as they took place and benghazi saying the official account may be wrong, perhaps terribly wrong. also, a source says the united states saidilitary assets in position to act and respond in time to save at least two of the lives that were lost that day. we take all of this appeared tonight with former cia operative michaels lawyer who led the bin london . also accused boston terrorist prissies an impressive gift from the federal government, one of the top anti public defender is proving to his side.
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among our guests here tonight. we begin with the accusations that someone inside the obama white house is threatening employees of the state department and cia who want to gives -- a share critical information about the benghazi terrorist attacks with congress. fox news chief osman correspondent james rose and has our report. >> the state department pushed back against charges monday alleging that whistle-blower suit were preparing to cooperate with congressional investigators have faced threats and intimidation from their superiors. >> we have to follow this issue and the politicize it. the american people deserve answers. i am determined that this will be in accountable. >> the state department would never tolerate or sanction retaliation against civilians on any issue, including this one. that is an obligation we take very seriously.
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>> reporter: president obama profess to be unaware by longstanding efforts to question survivors from the benghazi attacks of september 11th in which terrorists killed a u.s. ambassador to libya and three other americans. >> and not familiar with this notion that anybody has been blocked from testifying. so what i will do is find out what exactly you're referring to. >> reporter: on monday former justice department official identified herself as one of the attorneys representing the potential benghazi whistle-blower. the obama administration says no such whistle-blowers have come forward and no lawyers representing them have requested security clearances to review classified materials. republican congressman of california wrote to the state department's number two lawyer back on april 16th. attorneys representing department personnel in this matter will require clearance to possess and discuss top secret and sensitive compartments of information. >> they have had two letters from the chairman to 01 on april 16th, the other one
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april 206th specifically saying we want you to provide a process for a lawyer to receive classified affirmation. out and they get there and lie to the press corps? >> that is why we need to give them immunity. that is why we need a congressional investigation. the administration has lost its credibility. >> reporter: fox news learned the house oversight and government informed committee chaired by the congressman will hold a fresh round of hearings with the first slated to occur on wednesday of next week. lou: thank you. fox news chief washington correspondent. here now to talk about the administration and benghazi, the mixed messages and the appearance of a sto wall over more than seven months and now an investigation into the white house response, former cia operative and head of the tracking unit, michael soilure and thomas mcinerney, retired u.s. air force straw, fox is military contributor.
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good to have you both with us. let me begin, first with you. what do you make of -- and i will put it this way, and that don't mean in any way to do so in a trivial matter -- but the noise that is being suddenly made on the state about benghazi, at least for whistleblowers coming forward at this time? >> well, it is not surprising. they suppress the truth that they decided not to try to rescue four americans who were in trouble when they knew how deep that trouble was. we have had a continuing sort of a series of lies. this is clinton saying she did not know that they're ambassador needed more security. the president going off to las vegas to raise money instead of trying to help those people who were being attacked. it is kind of an endless parade of lies, and i think you're exactly right.
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i think the band is breaking because of the special forces fellow. there is no doubt that we could have made an effort to even with the people who are on the ground there. lou: general, the assets that are in place, and position, whether it be seven europe or north africa, do you have a read as to the degree to which you have confidence and what the official account is that there were not assets in position to deploy to rescue the american specifically before who were killed? >> the 11th anniversary of the most horrific attack and the united states. we have assets in the mediterranean. we have a fighter base. f-16s that should have been on airborne alert in the mediterranean right off of libya . the actions to take down
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khaddafi. we knew it was a hotbed. the fact is, we didn't. in addition, we add s force which is a 40-man special operations force in croatia on an exercise. why would you have such a valuable asset in another area on an exercise rather than on alert. why were there not more airborne alert and ground alert forces on that very special day? lou: the general is referring to southern italy or, of course to libya. michael, this covert force comprised of some 40 cia operatives, is it typical that they would be able to be dispatched on that quick and notice and to speed in time all
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the way to a benghazi? >> well, in the case of libya as the zeroth is said the administration wanted to continue the pretense. democracy was blooming and peace was coming. certnly as an intelligence office an intelligence organization, and respectful of what the president a political people s, but nonetheless you put forces in place just in case it happens that they're wrong. i am very sure that the military both in terms of special forces, the marines commensurately the agency had people ready to help. and you remember, on the friday before they leaked the story to ma sure patraeus had to resign, he issued a statement that said, no one at the cia refused to help those people who were under attack, which directly -- which leads directly back to the white house as the people who stopped the mission to save them.
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lou: are you intimating that the general, he was hardly the first general to have an affair, are you suggesting that the disclosure of that affair was somehow tied to his refusal to take responsibility and make it abundantly clear. >> at think there is no doubt about it based upon information that came afterwards. the affair had been examined and found to have no national security implications. obama had to get rid of the secretary of defense busy had been a strong secretary of defense and secretary and cia director and also knew from his experience that we are not involved in the law enforcement action and dense the islamists. this is a war. he had to get rid of him and put someone in to be able to a towline. lou: general, do you agree with
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michael's assessment here? what are your views? >> i think michael said it aut right. if the general is brought back, subpoenaed to more brought back to testify he is going to tell the truth. i think that's important for the committee to do, but it is equally important to give survivors, people that were engaged in this operation to testify, which the administration heretofore has not let happen. many have been shipped to far off places so that the media could not get them right away, particularly during election campaign. i believe we have other problems that the chairman and the joint chiefs of staff and a very strong secretary of dense, panetta, who answers under oath, not compelling in my opinion. then you have the admiral former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff to the state department investigation report that, frankly, given on report.
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and so this is such a far reaching investigation, far greater than watergate ever was. and that is why. it reaches right through our national security apparatus. now john brennan who was in the white house and who was intimately involved and could tell-all is now the cia director . and so all of these people, mr. secretary of state, secretary of defense, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, cia, the national security council, the president himself was intimately involved in these decisions. he knew exactly what was goi around, as did every wash office, every command center worldwide knew exactly what was going on. we're talking with chilly hundreds, maybe thousands of people aware of when on. asichael pointed out, once this starts to break there will be a lot of people coming forward and discussing there views.
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lou: we thank you very much. good to have you with this. thank you, gentlemen. much more of the accusations that are growingnd the progress seeking legal counsel so that they may share their stories with the american public throughout the broadcast. one hundred days into president obama's second term, and the president's reality check is coming right up in tonight's "chalk talk."" consumer confidence, higher home prices hit a three-year high. stocks hitting records. former reagan adviser karloff former reagan adviser karloff for on what the future h h h h h the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone but her... no. no! no. ...likes 50% more cash.
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lou: good news in the market. the s&p 500, again, a new record. the economy seems to be stuttering by. two and a half%. we will see whether or not that is upheld in the next revisn. reagan economic adviser joins us in moments. looking for to talking with one of my favorite economist. first among let's see what happened on the street. a better than expected jump in consumer confidence. 9 percent over the past year. the dow up 21 points. now fewer than 30 points from another record. the snb already at a record. a sixth record high. the nasdaq up 22 -- excuse me, 22 points. over three and half billion shares traded, a significant pickup from yesterday's volume. for the month of three major stock indexes rose. looking mighty good. the dow, the s&p, the nasdaq,
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all on a six month when street. gold again rising today. 1472. down $1,203 per ounce. crude-oil falling back below $93 per barrel. just about $4 cheaper than at the beginning of the month. the yield on the ten year treasury closing down. a yield of just under 2%. strong gains in the markets, investors are looking at tomorrow's fed announcement and the april jobs report friday. joining me with his outlook for the economy, chairman of law for associates, a foreign-policy adviser for ronald reagan. good to have you with us. >> site you very much. fun to be with you. lou: things are coming up. things are -- everyone is talking. so down and so anxious and
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concerned. i mean, what's going on. >> you have a very slow recovery really the thing i see that is wonderful is the obama's lost his ability to relieve materially affect legislation and bad economic policy. i think the era of obama is over , although we will have to live with his policies. i am looking to 2014 and 16 to major changes politically. seeing a very bright future for the u.s. lou: a fascinating perspective. you effectively believe -- >> yes. all of his big stuff occurred when a control the house and senate and was president. pelosi, reid, obamacare and all the other stuff. now he does not have the same power. frankly, i don't think you can push through bad legislation like you used to. that is a very good sign for the country. sen are later we will get rid of obamacare almost entirely. it is a terrible program.
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hurting the economy. that is why we have a slow growth and slow recovery. once that's gone you will see a boom in this economy like never before. lou: we will take a look at a revealing pold and the excitement of the broadcast. a new poll on obamacare. it is amazing. and i think absolutely confident with what you say. not as this little dispute between the nobel prize-winning economists and professor ferguson who is, i think, one of the finest historians and economic thinkers around as well. the drive for austerity, do we have a full screen of this? the drive for austerity has lost its intellectual figleaf and stands exposed as the suppression of prejudice, opportunism, class interested always was.
10:21 pm
>> a very good writer, even if it is nonsense. lou: professor fergun, responds. it is extremely implausible that governments would already high debt can improve their situation by making their dead ever larger . it companies behave like governments, essentially in ron, does not not ring true? according to a recent harvard study showing that there is a small mistake in the study. as ferguson says, it does not change the fact. high debt constraints opportunity for growth. your thoughts? arbitrate this for us as an impartial as server. >> hi dad does, but i don't like to focus on that. i like to focus on taxes and spending. if you cut tax rates and broaden the base you get faster growth. high debt because you're paying people not to work you will get a lot slower growth. you know, a poor person cannot spend himself into prosperity.
10:22 pm
it just does not work that way. when you look at thi debt to my want to make sure that neither krugman or ferrous and are trying to talk me into or the american people and to raising taxes to pay that debt down because i have never heard of an economy taxed into prosperity. i wish there would talk about taxes and spending rather than debt. they go after this debt issue, but it matters how you did your dad. lou: i would rather they all start talking about how to spare but the creation of jobs and economic growth and be done with it. so dreary. >> it is. that does not count the unfunded liabilities. it does not -- it just is like getting a marshmallow. you just can't move. lou: let's get everyone on the gravy train. >> there you go. lou: thank you for being with us. good night. up next, the white house press
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corps hammering the president. relatively speaking. his early second term. we decide. you decide. whether he is a lame duck. boston terror suspect has something in common with the unabomber. "dobbs law" is on the case. ♪ how do traders using technical analysis streamline their process? at fidelity, we do it by merging two tools into one. combining your customized charts with leading-edge analysis tools from recognia so you can quickly spot key trends and possible entry and exit points. we like this idea so much that we've applied for a patent. i'm colin beck of fidelity investments. our integrated technical analysis is one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. now get 200 free trades when you open an account.
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♪ >> mr. president, your 100 days and your second term. trying to get past. obviously it didn't. congress ignored your efforts to try to get them to find the sequester cuts. even a billion threat to veto the got 92 democrats in the house voted against it. my question is, do you still have the juice to get the rest of your agenda through congress? >> a she put it that way, jonathan
10:27 pm
. maybe as to just pack up and go home. lou: you are we to argue with the president. we would not want to do that. that legislation that he was talking about is a cyber security bill that critics say lacks safeguards, privacy, among other things. the house of representatives recently approved that bill with democratic support. but it died in the senate. the legislation is the least of the president's problems. one hundred days into his second term. as jonathan said, the president failed to avoid the sequester spending cuts. one democratic congresswoman equated to the japanese tsunami. then the president failed in his efforts to restrict the second amendment, so the sequester, gun-control, democratic senators voted against expanding background checks. the president has big trouble on the issues. he has been hammering
10:28 pm
campaigninrelentlessly. many criticize that because he is campaigning in these issues more than he is governing the, and i understand some argue that moving on these issues is a form of governance and should be quoted therein. immigration reform. still an outstanding issue. it still may get done, but president obama has been largely forced to the sidelines on the issue. many are questioning how the obama administration, particularly the fbi missed warnings about the boston terrorists attack. and questions are mounting about whether there were more than two bombers, whether there was, in fact, an organization behind them. after the attack, and security secretary jack napolitano insisted, there was no indicati whatsoever that the attack was what she called a broader plot an investigation has suggest there might have been, and we shall soon find out.
10:29 pm
then there was a obamacare. the president's recurring nightmare. a top democrat calls it a huge train wreck. he is retiring next year, apparently in part because of the unpopularity of obamacare and his connection to it. in fact according to a new kaiser family foundation poll just 35%, 35 percent of americans favor obamacare. a somewhat favorable view. that is down eight points. down eight points. and get this caught 12 percent of americans, this is mind boggling. 12 percent of those surveyed,
10:30 pm
12 percent of those surveyed think that the law was already repealed by congress. that is all little tough. 7 percent, 7% say the supreme court overturned it. and 23%, 23 percent just plain don't know. they don't know enough about the lot to say what the statices. congress doesn't get to that high level. it will be interesting to see where they are a year or two, but all this points to a president to suddenly is precariously close to that number between a historic and relevant president and a president who is so historic that he is immensely less
10:31 pm
relevant and there we say it, a lame duck. we will soon know. here he goes again. president obama now wants to shut down gitmo. why the p state-sponsored terrorism. that's right. they were on welfare. we will tell you all about it. attorney arthur i. dollars joins attorney arthur i. dollars joins us next. at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in.
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♪ lou: a california couple planning to of file a lawsuit after child protective services
10:35 pm
took awa their five month old sun because they wanted a second medical opinion. the baby has a heart murmur. center memorial hospital in sacramento when he began having flu-like symptoms. his parents did not like to carry was receiving, so they left without a formal discharge and rushed into another hospital for a second opinion. someone at the first hospital complained. here is the baby's father describing what happened next. >> my wife calls me, tells me that cops are breaking the door. there were knocking on the door. so i get there as soon as possible. as i'm walking toward the house i see an officer hiding behind the building. i approached him and asked him if there was a problem, if they had a warrant. the next thing you know i'm basically being pushed and dropped to the ground. lou: the baby and placed in
10:36 pm
protective custody for almost a week. we will let you know what happens next. the defense adding a fourth member to their team in the boston marathon terrorist attk trial. a renowned the death penalty expert judy clarke has been approved by a federal judge to represent tsarnaev. she will join the republic federal defenders already assigned to the case. clark's clients have included the unabomber, susan smith, atlanta olympics bomber, and tucson arizona shooter. all received life sentences and said of the death penalty. joining me now, criminal defense attorney fox news contributor. great to have you. >> my world doesn't get any more poignant than ts. that is as serious as it can ever get. lou: this woman has a remarkable track record. how did she get assigned to this case?
10:37 pm
>> look, we have a system of government where we want and in its ideal form we want people to be represented the best they possibly can, especially if they are facing the death penalty. we need to make sure all the t's are crossed demise are dotted because nobody, the prosecutor, judge, no one wants a miscarriage of justice. what judges do -- and i will be honest to you, i happened to my father and a high-profilease. the judge called him and asked intact as the public defender because i want to make sure there is no reversal on appeal. i want to make sure this guy gets aair trial. lou: why in the world was in the sky moved into the military system of justice? he is an enemy combatants. >> well, i thinkespectively, sir, i believe that the people -- the people who are making those decisions disagree with
10:38 pm
you. he is an american citizen. lou: by the way, not the first time as people have disagreed. >> an american citizen command will tell you, attorney who general holder a the whole administration has been very consistent. they want these people prosecuted in a civil court. the civilian court system because thats what america's all about. lou: and this is what ensues as a result. as you say, arguably appropriately so. let's turn to, if we may, the family out in sacramento whose baby was taken by child protective services. you saw an officer come through their door with his hand on a gun in a child protective case. are you kidding me? >> this is the world by levin, right, except quite often there is in that video. so the police came in and have their hands on the gun. but to be honest with you, it does not sound credible.
10:39 pm
would they really do that? here you have the. there's no doubt of what happened. basically what happened here was someone said, well, we told them to do this procedure with the child. they didn't do it. they didn't do it when they get a second opinion. the astronomer t government comes down on them. that is based on people doing the wrong things in the past and now the government comes down even more heavy handedly, presumably to make sure it doesn't happen in the future. u: and all i can think, we are moving into a society, the view that the government will take care. >> not a doubt about that. lou: people better start doing some thinking. >> i live in this world day in and day out. whether it is your easy pass to my credit card, cellphone, privacy is gone. so we are clear, privacy is gone and big brother is here to stay. lou: and a new arrest, this one apparently there is some
10:40 pm
evidence. which makes it -- >> that has to scare you, the fact that in your house, they come in and take down the door. you try to kill the president. come with us. reporting you in jail. a week in jail knowing you had nothing to do with trying to kill the president and you are charged with trying to kill the president of the united states. luckily our system is good enough to acknowledge the risk to -- mistake. in two weeks there will be a third guy. ultimately it will be strong enough to make sure justice prevails. lou: and this suspect, this man charged has charges of child molestation against him. i mean, how in the world do we continue with child molesters in this society? and i'm not saying he's guilty. i am saying, those who have been convicted of child molestation,
10:41 pm
how do we continue this recidivism? >> it's very difficult. what do we just warehouse them? put them on an island? lou: and single child. warehouse. >> that is a national debate that has to take place. lou: you and i can't? >> you and i cannot discuss it. it's a very difficult debate. lou: let's move to a national debate by we still have the right. thank you very much. tell us what you think. go to e-mail me. it tweet me. up next, senator jeff sessions in exposing the gang of eight immigration bill for what it is. and you're probably not going to like it. that is next.
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♪ lou: for weeks now gang of eight members senator marco rubio has been arguing that the gain of
10:45 pm
eight immigration reform plan would not allow illegal immigrants access to welfare. >> don't qualify for any federal benefit. this is an important point. no food stamps, welfare, obamacare. after prove that they are gainfully employed. they will undergo a background check to muster paying taxes. it will not qualify for federal benefits. lou: it kind of makes you wonder how we became the face of the gang of a plan. senator jeff sessions may have an answer. today announcin he identified a number of loopholes in the legislation that would allow illegal immigrants access to federal benefits as early as five years after the law is passed and in some cases much sooner than that. not only that, he says illegal immigrants would be get -- granted immediate access to state and local welfare benefits . a far cry from what is being, if you will, represented by the gang of eight. the obama administration
10:46 pm
choosing another great energy loser to get billions of dollars. i mean, you cannot make this stuff up. get out of the energy business already. this time the u.s. attorney's office is investigating colorado based north american power group it received a tonight in dollars stimulus grant to drill a well in wyoming. the project cated zero jobs. the drilling of the well never took place. over $1 million of the stimulus money did pen is salaries of two of the company's employees. we will mark that down. i guess we will call those safe just for accounting. great news for north dakota tonight. a new assessment by the interior department's. north dakota has twice as much shale oil and three times as much gas as had been previously estimated, and the estimated that north dakota had a bunch
10:47 pm
already. the u.s. geological survey says the up their estimates because of technical advancements to make fossil fuels in north dakota free-form carnation typically countable. you better be nice to them. up next, whistle-blowers clamming intimidation and threats from the obama administration. the "a-team" is here. does this go to the president himself? robert zimmerman.
10:48 pm
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10:50 pm
♪ lou: now the "a-team," democratic strategist trevor zimmerman is back. former reagan political director , fox is political analyst, fox news
10:51 pm
editor. good to have you here. president obama today, he was not familiar with the notion, the notion that anybody has been blocked from testifying on benghazi despite almost 20 hours of reporting by f news. i mean, aren't you stunned that the staff of this president is not informing him on such critical national-security issues? >> what i'm stunned by is the way the republicans have played partisan games of this tragedy. the fact that they have engaged. lou: averages the seeking the uth? >> when democrats participate. lou: excuse me. a just want to take a note. >> please do. eight partisan report. a new revelation. republican staffer on the senate judiciary committee.
10:52 pm
lou: my gosh. i mean, robert zimmerman has invalidated the entire matter. >> well, i can say that my colleague here in the washington bureau of fox news have done some really good reporting. james rose in and a lot of folks put their shoulders on this. lou: you are the people? what are the reports? come forward. we would have them. i'm sorry. to you mind? i mean, you're bringing such harsh material. it is so new. it is a breakthrough year. your thoughts? >> fiber six months after the incident took place, five congressional hearings. it does not mean that they cannot hold hearings. the democrats are always welcome. they did a lot a fact finding. i don't think the president and
10:53 pm
his team watch fox. they miss a lot of what is going on. i'm not shock. >> may i submit that the first question of the day went tod henry who works for the fox news channel. there was no way, there is no way that jay carney should have let the president go out there planning to aak the first question to ed, not saying to the president, by the way, fox has said a burr under his sadade about unanswered questions about this. if he dinot do that, that was malpractice. >> it would not be the first time. the first term reporter and obviously did his job. lou: box is not the only one. it estimated by the millions. 6 percent say the administration is covering up what happened. so we're going to continue with
10:54 pm
this, with the "a-team." we will bring robert zimmerman then. his emotional defense. now w alec, for this mission i upgraded your smart phone. ♪ right. but the most important feature of all is... the capital one purchase eraser. i can redeem the double miles i earned with my venture card to erase recent travel purchases. d with a few clicks, this mission never happened. uh, what's this button do? [ electricity zaps ] ♪ you requested backup? yes. yes i did. what's in your wallet?
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president did one thing right, only one, he pushed back on his own rhetoric, the red line nonsense. he ate it, moved on and said. there is not going to be a conflict because i pushed sale for a red line. >> not having an easy night, i disagree with you. >> he took a novel approach showed he learned something from bush administration and neocon.
10:58 pm
lou: you said he learned that from neocons? are you kidding me, chris stirewalt you are up, i can't take any more. >> first president, first hyundais 100 days. said i'm still relevant, i'm pleased he is still relevant. >> the left wants action in syria, liberal, this is their kind of war, remember bill clinton's greatest lament, about his presidency he did not act to stop the rwanda genocide, barack obama this is an epoc e-- epocag for him. >> they are ones -- in bill
10:59 pm
crystal's case committing troops to syria. thlet's get the facts. >> i think we don't know who is on the anti-assad side. lou: can i say, let's talk about this -- well, we have a second. what a delight it is on have three of you here on broadcast to engagement and. edgexchange of views and walk out all of us holding hands, tipping down a tulip-laden lane. >> thank you all for being here. lou: that is it for us, coming up tomorrow, attorney for state deputy benghazi whistle-blower. victoria will join us to talk about benghazi, what may be the
11:00 pm
end of the stonewall put in place by this administration, we'll see. we hope you will join us as the truth is revealed here tomorrow night, good night from new york. neil: housing recovery is on, why are so membership buyers not in? -- why are so many buyers not in? a look at a comeback that is hard to doubt but clearly a lot of americans still do doubt, case closed or case case shill irclosed. home rises are recovering. both numbers were higher than thought, and continue a positive trend that leaves me with this thought, whether aren 't more americans buying? we're hearing separate report of

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